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Everything that you can find on this page is listed in the left frame (the green buttons :) ). On this starting page I will be placing information about updates, additions and changes to my whole site. We'll see how long I'll last :)

Thursday, 07/06/00

Hey, I am actually beating my own records her e- this update is less then a month apart from the last one! GO ME!

Saturday, 06/10/00

It looks like the average pause between my updates on this page is about 2-3 months :) I promice - I do not do that on purpose! But in any case, here is an update (actually several of them):

Thursday, 04/13/00

I finally finished and turned in my presentation for my IB8680 class. The topic of my presentation was "Virtual Communities". If you may find this topic of interest to you, you are welcome to check out my presentation and my paper here -

Thursday, 02/18/00

Important event in my life: I have received my US Passport!

Tuesday, 11/30/99

Important event in my life: I have just (few hours ago) become a citizen of the United States of America! YAY, go me! :))

Another addition to my page: On this page I am going to be posting all the links that I find of interest in terms of moneymaking opportunities ont the internet. I hope at least some of you will find it useful.

Here are the classes I am currently taking (I can never memorize those URLs so I figured I better place them here so I can find them as needed :))