My Humor Page

HELLO! And wellcome to my Humor Page!

Humor takes up a major part of my life! For me this subject is too big to be simply a part of a list of my hobies and interests... Thus I've descided to devote the whole separate page for it.

Personally, I consider myself having a pretty good sence of humor and I strongly believe that this is what helps me a lot in life. One of the russian humorists, Mihail Zadornov, said once: "If song helps us build and live [quotation from one of famous russian song], then humor helps us to stay alive!" I completely agree with these words!

On the other hand, I am rather sarcastic person, and because of it, I have hard time sometime to get along with some people... that is with those people who does not have a good sence of humor and cannot take a joke... That is why all of my friends have a good sence of humor and togather we all have so much fun and laughter :)

Ok... now, after this "commercial break" I will proceed and introduce you some of the material that I have accumulated during the passed year - mostly these will be the jokes that I have recieved over email, but also there are some from other soursec. So... let's get started - here is the list of subjects - choose wichever you like (which I hope will be all of them one at a time) and... get ready for a really good laughter!!!

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