Below I am going to post links to either money-making programs or money-saving websites that I will personally find useful - this way I will be able to answer any of your questions regarding any of them, so feel free to ask!

Of course, in order to use any of the programs one would need an internet access. And the best thing is that right now there are already quite a few companies providing free Intenret Access (in US). Here are just a few that I am using personally.

There is a company offering free DSL connection in some areas. In addition they provide free 56K dial-up for their customers who happens to travel outside of their area. You will end up installing a very thin small bar called Winfire, that serves the same purpose as all the huge banners offered by other providers of free connection. But this bar actually can come handy from time to time as opposed to the banner ads. If you are interested, click on the logo to send me an email at and specify your email address so I can send you their URL Get Fast Free Internet Access
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! If you ever need to send to or receive from somebody some money and you do not feel like paying bank fees for electronic transfers, there is a solution. Also, if you sign up with them and refer people, you will get $5.00 for each person you refer: Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Would you like to lower your bills? Check this out!
Here is an interesting website - A quote from their site: "Shopping at is like shopping at a clearance sale - with discounts at 40-70% - every day of the week! (Some of our products have even bigger discounts!)". Check them out, read their page, I found it quite of interest. Of course selection is not too comprehensive, but nevertheless...
These are the money-making opportunities on the web that I find useful myself:
Join Get paid for browsing the web! AllAdvantage is the company that pays, and I know this works because I recently received the second check from them! (A picture is worth a million words - check out both checks here: second check, third check, fourth check)fifth check)sixth check)
Join Get paid for listening to the radio! That's right - is the company that takes the informational revolution even further - now you will be able to get paid for listening to radio and.
Get Paid for emails Get paid for reading emails. They will be sending you emails with advertisement - for each email you read you get paid.
Join Earn points with eTour - you can redeem these points later for variouse deals. Check them out for more info.
Make cash on the Net This program is new to me, but some people I know claim that it works. This program offers you payments for unlimited surfing, games playing, emails, etc. You earn point which are transfered to $$ at the end of a period. That is about how much I know at this point - as I learn more, I will update this description.