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Recently I realized that I have been pretty selfish and have not posted any photos of my relatives and family here! Of course, I rushed to make up this mischief as soon as possible! If you follow this link, you will see the latest photos of our family and of whoever else was able to get in the picture :)=) Enjoy it!

Family Album

I was born on December 30, 1974, in Tjumen'. Tjumen' is a city in Siberia, Russia. When I was one year old, my parents moved to Riga, the capital of Latvia, where I lived for next 16 years.

In Riga I successfully graduated from 22nd Riga's Secondary School. In the Former Soviet Union the education system was very different. We did not have separate Elementary, Middle and High Schools. All of that was included in one institution, called Secondary School. A person will start such school at the age of 6-7 years old and continue his/her education until the 10th grade or 16-17 years old.

During that period of time I used to carry on different tasks and responsibilities: I participated in different kinds of tournaments including soccer team; math team; "chemistry Olympics"; "literature Olympics"; I was one of the creators and announcers for the school radio station; I was one of the reporters for the school newsletter, etc.

After my graduation from the Secondary School I enrolled into the Riga's Technical University majoring in Computer Science. I succeeded in completing first year of the University. However, due to our emigration from the USSR I had to interrupt my education.

In 1992 our family moved to United States, to Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, were I am currently living and enjoying it. When I came to US, I had to go "back to school" so to speak. I went for a year into the 12thgrade of The Riverwood High School, where I took quite a few English classes and made my first friends in America. It was my first exposure to the American Education System and culture and I have to admit that I really enjoyed that experience. Also during that year I was accepted to the School's math team and participated in several math competitions.

After finishing my senior year in that high school, I applied and successfully enrolled into Georgia State University (GSU), where I continued my studies in Computer Science. During this period of time my interest in computers gradually increased. I tried out several different jobs that required a lot of work with computers. I end up learning different computer applications and even trained others on how to use many of those applications. In the Spring of 1996 I gr aduated GSU with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. However, I still feel that there is so much left to learn for me in this field that I decided to continue my education.

Having arrived to such a conclusion, I immediately took a loooong break from school - about a year or so :) During that time I have tried about three more jobs, and finally ended up back at my relative's office :) and I am now an official employee of Vayman Company, Inc. As a matter of fact, the web page for our company was recently created by me and you are all wellcome to check it out (any suggestions/comments are absolutely wellcome!). Now I have my own business card, where my title reads "Director of MIS Department" which sounds wanderfully impressive... However, what it really should read is "THE MIS Department" :)) because I am the only person to run all our computers, troubleshoot all of our computer- and network problems, train all of our users, and perform other numerouse functions of MIS department needed for daily operation of our office. And to tell you the truth - I really like this job :) The only problem with it is that there is not enough hours in one day and days in one week to do all of the projects that I need to do. But as long as I don't giveup - I know I will suceed!

08/29/98 A few days ago I finally started back on my education. That's right - I am back to school. Now I am persuing my MBA with concentration in CIS. This is yet another challange in my life and I have all the intentions to face it and succeed. As a matter of fact, my coming back to school is the very reason you are now able to read these lines. Let me explain. The class that I am taking now CIS8110 has it in the requirements that every student has to have a personal web page. So I figured - that would be a good reason for me to go back and finally make some changes, update my homepage :) You are welcome to check out my CIS8110 class' projects and/or assignments page: CIS8110 HomeWork

It's 7/9/99 today :) I got few minutes and decided to update my biography :) I have desided that since it is biography, then by definiteion, I am not going to erase anything from it - only add to it :) My latest news are:

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